Corporate Travel

Traveling on business? Planning a corporate retreat or meeting? We’re here to help!

Let us do the work for you! We understand that you have enough on your plate, and we’re here to alleviate some of that stress. Count on us to:
  • Secure the best available rate at thousands of hotels around the world
  • Provide top-notch service to ensure a seamless travel experience
  • Ensure you and/or your colleagues receive the VIP treatment, wherever you are in the world
  • Advanced Travel provides a well defined travel policy that guides the individual traveler and the travel agent in their regular interaction. It defines a travel policy that sets the "ground rules" assuring the traveler of their comfort and convenience, and assuring the company that their money is being spent judiciously.
  • A 24-hour, 7 day-a-week service that is dedicated to delivering your employees to their required destination with the least inconvenience.
  • Savings: Adherence to travel policies, understanding the airline pricing policies, detailed experience with the airline reservation systems, negotiated contract rates at a substantial savings for the corporation.
  • Profiles: we maintain profiles of all of your traveling employees, and their preferences, and attempts to get everyone what they want every time they travel.
  • Consortium discounts for your hotel and car requests

Contact us today to see a sample of a corporate travel policy that makes sense for your company, and for your employees.